7500035 Additional Water Pump

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is used on products manufactured by the original manufacturer. On this page you will find all information and any comments related to the following OEM number: 7500035 of Hoffer. For questions regarding the OEM number, please contact one of our employees.

Product details

Article number
Product group
Additional Water Pump
Operating Mode
for OE number
New Part

Also suitable for the following brands and types

ManufacturerModelEngine codeConstruction yearAssetsCylinder
MercedesC klasseM 274.91007.2013 - 95KW (129PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.91007.2013 - 115KW (156PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.92007.2013 - 135KW (184PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.92007.2013 - 155KW (211PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.92007.2013 - 205KW (279PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.91001.2011 - 115KW (156PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.91008.2007 - 08.2014115KW (156PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.91009.2014 - 95KW (129PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.91009.2014 - 115KW (156PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.92009.2014 - 135KW (184PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.92009.2014 - 155KW (211PK)4
MercedesC klasseM 274.92009.2014 - 205KW (279PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2009 - 12.2016115KW (156PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2009 - 12.2016135KW (184PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2009 - 12.2016155KW (211PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2010 - 12.2016135KW (184PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2010 - 12.2016155KW (211PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2009 - 12.2016135KW (184PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92001.2009 - 12.2016155KW (211PK)4
MercedesE klasseM 274.92008.2009 - 12.2016135KW (184PK)4
ManufacturerModelEngine codeConstruction yearAssetsCylinder
MercedesE klasseM 274.92008.2009 - 12.2016155KW (211PK)4
MercedesGlcM 274.92006.2015 - 155KW (211PK)4
MercedesGlkM 274.92006.2008 - 12.2015135KW (184PK)4
MercedesSlkM 274.92001.2011 - 135KW (184PK)4
MercedesSlkM 274.92001.2011 - 180KW (245PK)4

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