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R&D at Auto Elect

The Research and Development (R&D) department is a crucial part of our organizational structure because it plays an essential role in the development of new products, processes, and technologies. With our team, we delve into various topics, which can lead to new innovations and ideas that help us remain competitive in the market.
  • We conduct research to expand our knowledge
  • We work creatively, systematically, and systematically on solutions to practical problems.
  • We translate ideas and prototypes into usable processes and products, including machine construction.

Technical specialists

Our R&D department consists of a team of technical specialists. They work closely with our experienced professionals on the shop floor. On one hand, they get to know the market demand, and on the other hand, they keep everyone updated on new techniques. To verify the performance of these techniques, we continuously invest in advanced testing equipment.

Advanced testing equipment

  • We have test benches that allow us to check many different components, such as steering racks, steering columns, power steering pumps, and turbos. We can also test components that use the FlexRay protocol. Furthermore, in collaboration with test bench suppliers, we can add unsupported components.
  • We have developed a tool to tension the timing belt between the electric motor and the spindle of ESP steering racks. This ensures that after renewing the timing belt, the tension is within specification and the power steering operates optimally again.
  • We reprogram EPS steering columns and racks. This allows us to renew them or provide them with the latest software.
  • We have created an emulator based on RBS technology. With this emulator, we can test EPS steering columns and racks, perform SAS calibrations, and remove error codes. It is also possible to perform endurance tests where the components are started and stopped multiple times. The emulator is integrated into our existing test bench and receives periodic updates. This ensures that all EPS steering columns and racks are optimally checked.
  • We can test EGR and MAF sensors and throttle bodies. Based on various conditions, we check for abnormal output. For example, an EGR valve may circulate insufficiently or excessively, or an MAF sensor may disrupt the engine's air-fuel ratio. Based on the results, we determine whether the component falls within or outside the OEM specification.

Passion for the profession

We continue to evolve. Because we have a passion for our profession, but also because our work is of great significance to the circular economy. Products that have been used deserve a second life. With our expert and experienced team, we are committed to that. Now and in the future.

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