Auto Elect B.V.

With over 30 years of experience Auto Elect B.V. is an expert in the field of steering racks, steering pumps, air compressors, car electronics and sensors. Whether it is about repair, rebuild or new purchase, both private and business individuals know how to find Auto Elect B.V.

With a customer oriented approach Auto Elect B.V. solves every problem enthusiastically. Quality and expertise are the core values of our company.

What does Auto Elect B.V. do?

As a professional specialist Auto Elect B.V. rebuilds steering racks of both hydraulic and electric power steering systems. In addition, Auto Elect B.V. has the expertise to rebuild electromechanic steering pumps and air compressors. All rebuilds are completely performed in-house with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and are endowed with the latest modifications.

Nowadays, Auto Elect B.V. is also specialist in the field of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves and Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors, which are part of automotive sensors.

All products of Auto Elect B.V. are tested extensively and calibrated with self developed testing equipment and tools.

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