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Auto Elect

Are you looking for an automotive product to solve a malfunction? From steering racks and power steering pumps to EGR valves, sensors, and air compressors , Auto Elect offers the products you need. New and remanufactured, both in stock and customized.

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Developer and Enthusiast

Auto Elect is a developer, but above all, an enthusiast of automotive products. With over thirty years of experience, we know exactly how they work. The products only function properly when used correctly. That's why our passionate technicians share their knowledge with every project: they provide expert advice, conduct extensive tests, and create clear installation instructions.

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Signature Glenn Roozing
Glenn Roozing
Together we solve every problem
Whether it concerns an old or new car, together we solve every problem. With our products you work efficiently and at a high level. We can deliver from stock or overhaul your product. Knowing more? Find the product you need in our webshop or contact us directly. We are happy to see what we can do for you, so that your customer can get back on the road quickly.
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