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Electronic Power Steering (EPS) plays a crucial role in optimizing both the dynamic and static performance of vehicles. A specific configuration applied in this case is column assistance (C-EPS), where an electric motor supports the steering column. In this setup, the steering gear, which is connected to the wheels, remains unassisted and unpowered. This approach is often used in agile and compact city cars with limited engine space, thanks to the favorable size of the electric steering column.

Steering Column

Functionality of C-EPS and safety features

C-EPS uses electrical energy to amplify the torque applied by the driver on the steering wheel, resulting in a rotational motion of the front wheels. The level of assistance is determined by the driver's input and road conditions. The assistance profile can also be adjusted based on different driving modes, such as normal or sporty. To ensure the safe and effective operation of this function, the electric steering column is equipped with a steering angle sensor (SAS) and a torque sensor.

In some cases, these sensors are integrated into a combined TAS sensor (Torque and Angle Sensor). The steering angle sensor ensures that the onboard computer is always aware of the wheel position, while the torque sensor provides information about the torque applied by the driver. An additional safety feature of these steering columns is that the steering wheel is always mechanically connected to the steering gear, allowing manual steering in case of a failure of the electric column.

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Common problems and rebuilding

One of the most common problems with electric steering columns is the loss of power assistance. This can have various causes, such as corrupt software, defective sensors, broken motors, and faults in electrical components such as relays. In addition, mechanical problems can occur, such as play between the input and output shaft of the column, heavy or light steering, and unwanted noises.

When a steering column is submitted for rebuilding at Auto Elect, we start with a comprehensive diagnosis to determine the causes of the customer's complaints. It is of great importance to carefully fill in the repair order form, which is available through this link. After performing the diagnosis, we proceed with the repair, which takes place entirely in-house. This includes updating the column's software to replacing self-manufactured guide bushes.

After completing the repair, the steering column undergoes extensive testing before being sent back to the customer. This allows us to verify if the complaint has been fully resolved.

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