Steering unit operation
Hydraulic and electric

This is how a steering unit works

There are different types of steering units. Although they are all different, they have one thing in common: when the steering wheel is turned, they transmit the desired movement to the car's wheels. The action of the driver and the condition of the road determine the level of power steering.

hydraulic power steering

Hydraulic power steering

The most traditional form of power steering operates on a hydraulic system. In this system, a pump transports hydraulic oil to cylinders in the steering gear. Due to the oil pressure that is created, less human force is required to move the steering wheel.

electric power steering

Electric power steering

Electric power steering consists of two sensors: one that senses the driver turning the steering wheel and one that detects the actual movement of the steering column. This information is sent to a microprocessor, which calculates the degree of assistance and transmits it to the electric motor.

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