Steering racks
New and rebuilt

New and rebuilt steering racks

Is the steering gearbox of a car not functioning properly? Then you need to replace or renew it. Auto Elect offers a wide range of manual, hydraulic, and electric steering racks from various car brands. You can also have your own steering gearbox rebuilt or exchanged with an identical rebuilt unit from our stock.

steering racks

High-quality steering racks

Whether it's a manual, hydraulic, or electric steering gearbox, at Auto Elect, we only aim for high quality. We clean, inspect, and measure all our steering racks. After rebuilding, but also when they arrive new to us. By extensively testing them, we ensure that they are powerful enough. And perform optimally in practice.

Order or have the steering rack rebuilt

Would you like to know more? With our knowledge of both classic and modern cars, we are happy to assist you. Identify the problem with the error code or a description of the complaint and fill out the form. The more information you provide, the faster we can respond. If you order a new or rebuilt steering rack from stock before 1:00 PM, the lead time is one working day. Rebuilding on request takes approximately three working days after receiving the steering gear.

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This is how you know that a steering rack is broken

These are common problems when the steering rack is not functioning properly:

  • There is a puddle of oil under the car.
  • You hear a grinding, cracking or buzzing sound when steering.
  • The steering feels heavy, very light or with jerky movements.
  • The power steering does not start or cuts out.

Note: always check the operation of the charging system before replacing or renewing a steering gear.

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