Research and Development (R&D) department of Auto Elect B.V.

Auto Elect B.V. has its own Research and Development (R&D) department where research is done about Hardware In The Loop (HIL) simulations, testing equipment and tools for automotive sensors and (re)programming of embedded hardware among other things. The R&D department is responsible for the improvement of existing and new production processes within Auto Elect B.V., where mainly the testing of our products is facilitated. Also, customer specific machines can be developed and built on request.

Testing equipment for Electric Power Steering (EPS)

For the testing of Electric Power Steering (EPS) steering columns and racks a emulator was developed by the R&D department of Auto Elect B.V. that makes use of the so-called Risidual Bus Simulation (RBS) technique. With the emulator it is possible to emulate relevant CAN-bus and K-line data for a EPS steering column or rack without the car needing to be physically present. The advantage of this is that EPS steering columns and racks can be tested without the entire CAN-bus needing to be built. With the emulator, it is also possible to perform a Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) calibration and to delete fault codes. The emulator is implemented into the existing test bench and is constantly provided with the latest updates. This allows us to make sure that your EPS steering column or rack is always tested with the latest data. Also, new car models and types are constantly added.

Testing equipment for automotive sensors

For the testing of Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) valves and Mass Air FLow (MAF) sensors, testing equipment has been developed by the R&D department of Auto Elect B.V. With the testing equipment it is possible to check the different kinds of sensors for abnormal sensor output with certain conditions. This allows us to investigate if a EGR valve recirculates insufficiently or abundantly and if a MAF sensor disrupts the air to fuel ratio.