When should you rebuild or replace your hydraulic power steering (PWS)?

Hydraulic power steering systems use hydraulics to multiply the moment of force of the driver on the steering wheel to a rotational movement of the front wheels. The input of the driver and the road conditions determine the rate of power steering by means of a torsion bar which regulates the pressure on a double-acting cylinder. The hydraulic pressure generally comes from an oil pump that is driven by the engine of a car. It is also possible to generate hydraulic pressure with an electricmechanic steering pump (EHPS). The double-acting cylinder transfers power via tie rods and ball joints to the rotating movement of the front wheels.

The most important component of an hydraulic power steering system is the steering rack, which is part of the safety system of a car. The most common problems with hydraulic power steering are leakage and slack. Possible causes and signs are:

  • Leakage of hydraulic oil is a common problem. Possible causes can be worn steering rack covers and polluted power steering systems. In both cases it leads to broken seals which cause the steering rack to leak. Usually this occurs when steering rack covers can not be sealed properly anymore. Dirt and moisture then enter the cylinder of the steering rack.
  • Wear and tear of bearings can cause noise in the steering rack.
  • Problems while steering can be difficulties with returning to the central position, shaking movements during steering or unusually loose or heavy steering.

What can Auto Elect B.V. do for you?

If your steering rack does not function properly, a revision is possible. The experts of Auto Elect B.V. advise you to take care of problems with steering racks as soon as possible. Continuing driving with a dysfunctional steering rack is dangerous and will not pass inspection. We can rebuild your steering rack and return it as good as new. Revision takes place with utmost care, exclusively with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and updates are done when necessary to guarantee the quality. All rebuilded steering racks are completely tested and calibrated with our self-developed test bench.  The test bench allows steering racks to be tested under high and low hydraulic pressure. This way it can be verified whether the steering rack does not leak hydraulic oil (anymore) and whether it is slack free. It is possible to rebuild your steering rack or to replace it for an identical one from our stock.

Quality requirements and warranty conditions

All rebuilded hydraulic power steering racks of Auto Elect B.V. meet high quality requirements. Hydraulic power steering racks are extensively tested under tough conditions and are calibrated with self-developed testing equipment and tools. We give a warranty of two years on our products.