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Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V.

Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. has been a specialist in the field of EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and steering boxes for over 20 years. The knowledge that has been amassed over those 20 years by Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. is used daily by all types of brands and vehicles. With a customer aimed approach, Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. can solve any problem with enthusiasm. Quality, swift and precise service, expertise and a customer-friendly approach are the core values of our company.

Steering box and EPS?

The steering box is a metal casing which makes sure that the rotating movement of the steering shaft is converted into a steering movement as efficiently as possible. EPS uses an electric motor that provides the power steering. The power steering of the electronic system can be located in the steering column (as is the case with light vehicles) or in the steering box underneath the car.

What does Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. do?

Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. revises your steering box. Revisions are only done with original parts. We guarantee that the latest modification is always applied to your steering box. Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. works with all brands and is specialized, among others, in ZF, TRW, Delphi, SMI, Koyo and Vistion. We are also specialized in AC compressors. We have new and revised ACs in our range. We also have the external components for AC systems, such as condensers, evaporators, dryers/filters and expander valves. On all of our products you will receive a standard two year warranty. Contact us today for our unbeatable prices or ask us for expert advice.

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