When should you rebuild your steering rack?

The steering rack is an important component of your vehicle. It should guarantee your safety and function properly when you are on the road. Because the steering rack is a safety component it cant be defect during inspection. Therefore, you should immediately get it checked at the garage when you suspect a defect.

In hydraulic power steering systems leakage of hydraulic fluid is dangerous. Slowly emptying of the steering system can lead to a cessation (power steering) of the steering rack. This can be dangerous if you are not expecting it. In addition, the damage, and therefore the costs, can increase when the system operates without oil. The oil pump, which is usually located above the steering rack, will start spinning without oil and is guaranteed to break down. The system gets seriously polluted with metal residue and your new steering rack can be damaged as well if it does not get cleaned and fixed properly.

A problem in Electric Power Steering (EPS) can be the sudden cessation (power steer) of the steering rack. Malfunctions usually start with intermittent failures in which the steering fails once in a while or does not start up. In these cases it is possible that the warning light on the dashboard lights up. The steering will permanently fail and the light will permanently light up if these signs are neglected.

Rebuilding necessary

Rebuild of the steering rack includes the repair and replacement of failed components. Of course, we will only work with materials that fit your steering rack. We advise you to get a malfunctioning steering rack checked as soon as possible. When you do not expect your steering to operate improperly, it can lead to dangerous situations on the road.

Rebuilding at Auto Elect B.V.

Why should you get your steering rack rebuilded by Auto Elect B.V.? Very simple; all this experience in one place leads to excellent quality. Our enthousiastic employees will handle your product with utmost care. All our products have a warranty of 2 years. Normally, your components will last for years after a reassessment by Auto Elect B.V. A rebuild at Auto Elect B.V. means craftsmanship and top quality.