When does your Air Conditioning (AC) compressor need to be rebuilded or replaced?

The most common problem with air conditioning is insufficient refrigerant. Because of this, all sorts of errors can occur in your air conditioning. Possible reasons and symptoms are:

  • Seals become worn, which can cause the air conditioning to slowly leak compressor oil  and refrigerant. This results in little to no cooling capacity coming from the ventilation ducts, due to lack of refrigerant.
  • Noise could develop because of a clogged air conditioning or a worn compressor.
  • Fault codes in the air regulator, motor regulator and central regulator that can not be deleted.

To rebuild or to replace Air Conditioning (AC) compressor?

If the air compressor does not function accordingly, rebuilding or replacement is a possibility. The specialists from Auto Elect B.V. can rebuild your air compressor and return it as good as new. The rebuild occurs with the utmost care en solely Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to safeguard the quality. In addition, we also deliver new air compressors, condensers, dampeners, dryers, filters and expansion valves.

In the current market it is better to replace the common air compressor with a new one. You can inform about the possibilities for your air compressors free of obligations.

Quality standards and warranty terms

All rebuilded and new air compressors of Auto Elect B.V. conform to highest quality standards. The air compressors are tested extensively under the toughest conditions and calibrated with self-developed testing equipment and tools. We provide a two year guarantee on our products.